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"Ignore Me Original"


2012. Watercolour and ink on watercolour paper.
12 x 16 inches

About the Art
Modé’s earliest way of artistic self-expression was through written words, but it wasn’t until she was nineteen that she began creating poetry.

This painting depicts a dangerous deceptive, illogical and self-deprecative thinking process. The poem written on the skin of the female figure is about being undeserving of anything, even though she is in tremendous pain.

Ignore my cries

Ignore the tears that rain down these soft subtle cheeks

Ignore her pain. Her cheeks are soft and subtle, as they have never been truly harmed. She is not deserving of pity.

They rain like the dull season

They drop as if they are heavy

As if they are burdened with real worries

Useful, meaningful worries

Her tears flow as rain does. She is in a lot of pain, but she writes it off as an emotion not worth talking about. Her worries are insignificant compared to others’.

Ignore my smiles and laughters'

The happiness I stab with a pain

Ignore the joy she fakes. She is uncomfortable with being happy. She is sure it won’t last.

So my weightless tears would continue to fall

I’m just blood thirsty

The greed of my heart eagers for sorrow or loss

Loss and sorrow

Don’t listen to my Bleeding Heart

Her tears have no weight or substance. She is just greedy. She is unsatisfied with the life that God has blessed her with. Don’t listen to her distraught heart.

Red is used as a representation of blood. She cries blood and her tears float upwards. They are insignificant, so they are weightless.

About the Original
This artwork has been framed. 

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