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"The Beautiful Ones Are Not Yet Born Art Print"


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About The Art

This piece was derived from a photograph of two Caucasian women. Modé took bits of the image and used the source to create the painting. The women’s ethnic origins are purposefully unclear, although their facial marks and paints suggest a Nigerian heritage.

As with most of Modé’s portraits, the women have natural hair textures that have not been chemically processed or altered. The reason for this detail, is to intentionally inspire and cultivate the perception of natural hair as being beautiful.

By giving the women blue and yellow hair and coloured lips, the artist expresses her artistic liberty and brings individuality to her subjects. The rebellious looking blue-haired woman delicately holds a cigarette between her fingers while the more conservative woman behind her, subtly covers her nudity. Modé generally uses nudity to liberate her figures from the constraints of a particular era. Thus her nude subjects blur time and make it easy for us to travel to a nostalgic time “back when”.

The women’s jet black eyes create a sense of blankness and encourage viewers to linger and get lost in them. They also represent a void, and convey loneliness which the artist has occasionally experienced through-out her life.

The Beautiful Ones Are Not Yet Born was titled by the fine-art photographer Toyosi Faridah Kekere-Ekun, who the artist asked to do the honours.

About the Print
Art work is printed with archival Ultrachrome K3 inks on a heavyweight, Hahnemühle 100% cotton fine art paper. The print has an inch white border. Hand signed by the artist. 

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